By Milo Lockett

Contemporary Latin American artist with a unique and highly recognizable style, lands in Web3 with a collection created entirely from his art. Few collections have been designed with the level of originality of Miloverso.

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Over the years, Milo managed to make himself distinguished and loved for his art. In all his work, countless characters and creatures out of his ingenuity attract attention, but there is one in particular that stands out: the elephant. The elephant represents good luck, wisdom, strength and protection in different cultures, and it’s also an important part of Milo’s childhood.

  • 11,111 NFTs
  • 250+ unique attributes
  • With exclusive illustrations by the artist
  • The largest offer of physical collectibles

Physical Collectibles

The largest NFT collection in Latin America also has the largest offering of physical collectibles: 111 corporeal elephants painted and hand-drawn by Milo, which will be randomly assigned to the community at the time of minting. The community asked if this elephant was real... now if they will be able to have a real one. And more surprises will come for the future owners of the collection.

About Milo Lockett

Milo Lockett

About Milo Lockett

He is a completely self-taught plastic artist from Argentina and highly awarded. Known in Latin America and other countries such as Switzerland, China, Spain, Germany and the United States (New York, Miami, Atlanta and Boston) where he has exhibited his art.

Milo Lockett also painted huge murals for some historic buildings in Buenos Aires, such as the “Abasto de Buenos Aires” or the Buenos Aires International Airport. In a very short time he achieved a unique pictorial identity that made him an unprecedented bestseller. Companies such as Coca-Cola, American Express, Nestlé, Hyundai and City Bank have established agreements or alliances with Milo to design some of their products.

In 2017, Tomás Regalado, former mayor of Miami, invited Lockett to paint a mural in the Wynwood Art District. Milo donated that mural and also painted others for some schools in the district, and for those actions, he was awarded the Key to the City of Miami.

For more than 20 years, he has participated in individual and collective exhibitions in his country and around the world. He has won numerous awards and is an active participant in various projects, donating part of his work for social purposes. He also designs furniture, bags, clothes, glasses and decorative objects.

Exhibitions around the world
Miloverso Miloverso

The Art

Exclusive collection handcrafted by the artist and co-created by a team of digital artists who made it possible for his 2D world to be captured in a 3D universe based on one of the most iconic characters in his work: "the elephant".
Milo worked unique illustrations with brush and fiber that were mapped on this character in which multiple possibilities of materials and texture are combined, giving the collection an exceptional value.
















Roadmap Miloverso

We present the collection with Marketing actions during the NFT NYC 2022. Miloverso
Launch of the website and social networks. Communication and releases in general and specialized media to generate exposure.
There will be surprise raffles for the community of 111 corporeal elephants intervened by hand by Milo. Miloverso
The largest NFT collection in Latin America with the largest physical collectables offering: 111 corporeal elephants intervened by hand by Milo that the community will be allocated randomly at the time of mining.” Miloverso
Thirty-three (33) very lucky ones will receive one of the 111 corporeal elephants drawn by Milo through a raffle during the Presale. Miloverso
FAN CLUB: All NFT holders will get an annual pass to the Milo Fan Club. Where they will have the opportunity to live different personal and virtual experiences with the artist. In all cases they will be with limited quotas. NFTs would retain their art value after the end of the year and could also be used to get discounts for future annual fan club passes:

• Each NFT will be equal to one (1) FAN CLUB vote
• Roundtables/interview sessions with Milo
• Virtual painting classes
• Virtual/physical visits to the atelier to see Milo's creative process
• Exclusive raffles to obtain the physical versions of the NFTs
• Holders will have access to special paint drops that Milo will raffle or sell. Miloverso
Holders will have a chance to win physical art pieces in future raffles. Miloverso
Miloverso will continue to surprise with new giveaways and experiences with Milo that will be communicated to the community.
The Milo Lockett metaverse will continue to grow with future collections based on the different Milo characters. Miloverso

Miloverso Team

Milo Lockett
Guillermo Mutis
Ceo - TheCollections
Jack Cohen
Ceo - MassLess
Joss Monzon
Creative Director – MassLess
Adriana Lopaczek
Art Advisor
Facundo Sueiro
Creative Director - NEO DG
Carlos Serrano
Creative Director - NEO DG
Veronika Nesheva
COO- Massless
MILO massless NEODG the collections